Will Snyder

My work focuses on design, implementation, and advocacy for experiential, self-directed learning. I enjoy partnering with young people and their advisors, as well as engaging the community in thinking about their role in raising the next generation.

After more than 30 years with UMass Extension, ECNext is now my base of operations.

ECNext focuses on ideas and opportunities at the intersection of community, environment, and experiential learning.

I have proven skills in the essentials of entrepreneurial educational programming – market analysis, fundraising and stakeholder relations, evaluation, communications and publicity, teamwork, and organizing on deadline. I enjoy the nitty gritty details as well as the big picture – both are essential for success in planning for learning.

But the work that feeds my spirit most is this: listening to and working with educators and youth as we find ways to learn by participating in the real work of communities.

Areas where I have demonstrated skill and leadership include:

  • Community partnerships
  • Program planning & implementation
  • Curriculum development
  • Reflection & evaluation

I am interested in talking with you about the opportunities you see!

Resume/Abridged Curriculum Vita

LinkedIn site

email: wsnyder(at)umass.edu